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LAN and WAN projects


Exchange on information became very important in nowadays life and company’s activities. That is why we have considered design and implementation of LAN and WAN network. Our specialists, who have passed special qualification exams at the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Lithuania, will design and construct network with help of Intelline, PanDatel, Hewlet Packart and 3Com equipment.





Our employees lay all kinds of low current cables, such as TV, telephone, security and fire-alarm signalization cables. They also install video observation and entrance control systems. We perform works starting with a design up to a completed transfer of working system to a Buyer. As an alternative to a spool couple of cooper cables, we offer high quality optical cable, produced by American company Optical Cable. With regard to Buyer’s needs and designed schemes, we lay cables in all the building and in every working place using optical equipment and a wide spectrum of converters. Being a producer of 19” passive commutation equipment, we guarantee immediate reaction to client’s specific wishes and their technical implementation in a concrete network.



19″ commutation box – design and production


A network of telecommunication and data transfer is integrated in nowadays offices and banks. In order to install commutation points, 19” commutation boxes of various sizes and their integral parts are used.



Our company offers a whole range of commutation boxes for computers, communication and other low current network, electricity and equipment of industrial automatics. Boxes, designed and produced by our specialists, and integral 19 inches passive bloques are of high quality and they are better than their imported analogues, because there is a possibility to make rapid changes in construction according to client’s wishes.



Local departmental telephone stations or Private Branch Exchange (PBX)


It is an ideal way to avoid payment for telephone conversations within a company, to diminish quantity of leaving lines to telecom telephone network, to set parameters of every internal and external line: ban, late call, grouping, etc.


We offer a wide range of small, medium-size and large telephone stations (PBX). A series of models, expanding cards and interface equipment makes it possible to increase a number of internal users and to connect to ISDN network. There is a possibility to disconnect telephone stations of branches of big companies by use of cooper, optical lines or internet. PBX voice mail helps You to lose none of Your calls when You are not in Your working place.



Our company’s products are TELAPS, a computer program to account telephone conversations, and data saving buffer of 2 MB, which allows to receive information about conversations in internal PBX telephones, switched-off computers, reading them by a separate or internal network computer, to print reports about the time and sum of money for the time spent talking on a chosen internal telephone.



Computers and peripheral equipment


We can design and produce a computer for your leisure time, which allows You to enjoy music, movies and games, or a computer for offices, which best fits Your work, or a computer for professionals that allows editing visual and sound information and creating advertisements, etc. Or a computer for professionals that allows editing visual and sound information and creating advertisements, etc.


We have designed and produced departmental stations working in network structures, based on two SCSI processor disks and RAID massives. Our specialists will consult You and choose a computer that suits You most.



Trade with telephone equipment


Our company performs wholesale and retail trade with telephone equipment. We trade with line and cellular telephones and their accessories of the world’s most famous companies: GP and Koning batteries, feeders, cables, wires, sockets, plugs, etc. We also sell ink, thermal, chalky and laser fax machines and materials used in their exploitation: fax paper, toners and lime.

A wide assortment of goods and pleasant service in our shop will surprise every buyer.




Our clients


SC “Mazeikiai Central Hospital”

AC “Nematekas”

JSC “Sanitas”

JSC “Lytagra”

CJSC “VP Market”

JSC “Lietuvos Telekomas”

CJSC “Senukai”

JSC “Anyksciai vynas”

JSC “Lietuvos energija”

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